System and method for charge control of electric vehicle, server, and smart meter



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce the charging cost of an electric vehicle by taking electricity charges at various time zones into consideration, respectively.SOLUTION: The charge control system of the electric vehicle 10 is constituted of a server 100 comprising a scheduler 110 for generating the information of a time zone row by sorting the time zones up to the arrival of the desired time of charge completion in the ascending order of electricity charges, and storing the sorted information in a memory 101, and a schedule notification part 111 which transmits the information of the time zone row to an address of a consumer as charge start scheduled time information 225, and the smart meter 200 having a charge management part 210 which detects the arrival of a start time and an end time for the time zones indicated by the charge start scheduled time information 225 received form the server 100 in order from the one with the earliest arrival time, and transmits a charge start command matching the start time and a charge end command matching the end time to a charging device 300.
【課題】様々な時間帯別の電気料金を考慮して電気自動車の充電コストを低減する。 【解決手段】充電完了希望時刻までの各時間帯を電気料金の小さい順にソートして時間帯列の情報を生成し記憶部101に格納するスケジューラ部110と、時間帯列の情報を充電開始予定時刻情報225として需要家のアドレスに宛てて送信するスケジュール通知部111とを備えたサーバ100と、サーバ100から受信した充電開始予定時刻情報225が示す各時間帯のうち到来時期最先のものから順に開始時刻および終了時刻の到来を検知し、充電装置300に対し開始時刻に合わせた充電開始指示と終了時刻に合わせた充電終了指示を送信する充電管理部210を備えたスマートメータ200とから電気自動車充電制御システム10を構成する。 【選択図】図1




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