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GB-9406093-D0: Squid nondesructive evaluation apparatus and method of nondestructively detecting defects and damage using squid patent, GB-9406203-D0: Internal draught excluder patent, GB-9406610-D0: Mortise and tenon router slide patent, GB-9406919-D0: Gliding object as recreational sporting goods patent, GB-9407301-D0: Flower-standing device patent, GB-9407305-D0: Pharmaceutical compositions patent, GB-9407317-D0: Apparatus for use with fabrics patent, GB-9407494-D0: Remote device for hand propelling wheelchairs patent, GB-9407686-D0: Moulding compositions containing a polyamide patent, GB-9407870-D0: Image synthesizer patent, GB-9408246-D0: Snowmobile ski sole patent, GB-9408512-D0: Fan blade patent, GB-9409011-D0: Improvements relating to the curing of synthetic resinous material (ultrasonics) patent, GB-9409640-D0: Improvements in or relating to pushbutton switches patent, GB-9409708-D0: Electrical machines patent, GB-9411871-D0: Gears for wind turbines patent, GB-9412523-D0: Process for the coating of textile fabrics with elastomers patent, GB-9413315-D0: Testing integrated circuits patent, GB-9413540-D0: Connecting box and connecting cable for forming a connecting device for a data network patent, GB-9413756-D0: Head impact force diversion system patent, GB-9413874-D0: A child-resistant dispensing device for automatic washing machines patent, GB-9414053-D0: Logarithmic amplifying circuit based on the bias-offset technique patent, GB-9414354-D0: Luggage case patent, GB-9415377-D0: Padlock protector patent, GB-9416525-D0: Disposable airlock patent, GB-9416760-D0: Strap-disc patent, GB-9417541-D0: Improvements in or relating to MRI magnets patent, GB-9417910-D0: Dispensing apparatus patent, GB-9418304-D0: Folding boat patent, GB-9418416-D0: Anti theft device for vehicle radio/cassette/cd patent, GB-9419295-D0: Hygiene device patent, GB-9420976-D0: Axial flow valve patent, GB-9421364-D0: Module carrier structure for vehicle front end patent, GB-9422714-D0: Current transducers patent, GB-9422933-D0: Shutters patent, GB-9423613-D0: Organometallic complexes of aluminium, gallium and indium patent, GB-9423816-D0: Game patent, GB-9424493-D0: Modular plug for high speed data transmission patent, GB-9424522-D0: Electrical connector patent, GB-9424525-D0: A container for produce patent, GB-9425164-D0: Medical treatment patent, GB-9425188-D0: Disposable heat resistant grill tray/oven insert patent, GB-9426299-D0: Automatic frequency control circuit for a receiver of phase shift keying modulated signals patent, GB-9500443-D0: Corrosion inhibition in refineries using the reaction product of hydrocarbylsuccinic anhydride and an amine patent, GB-9501233-D0: Database management system patent, GB-9501397-D0: Power controller patent, GB-9501400-D0: Method for treating water patent, GB-9502600-D0: Improved damp-proof course patent, GB-9502743-D0: Fluidizable bed media for waste water treatment patent, GB-9503187-D0: A bushing patent, GB-9503738-D0: Cryptographic key management patent, GB-9503762-D0: Arthroplasty prosthesis patent, GB-9504247-D0: 1 To 49 a lottery game patent, GB-9504591-D0: Base station patent, GB-9505363-D0: Bicycle components patent, GB-9505469-D0: Progressive transmission of images patent, GB-9505770-D0: A telephone with data acquisition means patent, GB-9505995-D0: Semiconductor device and method of making the semiconductor device patent, GB-9506279-D0: Vehicle security device with electronic use authorization coding. patent, GB-9506992-D0: Valve system patent, GB-9508176-D0: Closure arrangement patent, GB-9508719-D0: Is in the form of a bag that will be used as a jacking device for motor vehicles that will function off exhaust fumes through hose pipe to bag patent, GB-9508801-D0: Cutting and creasing apparatus patent, GB-9509024-D0: An absorbent article and a method for its manufacture patent, GB-9509592-D0: Magnetic oil filter patent, GB-9510081-D0: Timber processing patent, GB-9510716-D0: Substituted camptothecin derivatives and process for their preparation patent, GB-9513018-D0: Current controller patent, GB-9513272-D0: Instruction cache patent, GB-9513314-D0: Manoeuvre signalling radar transponder patent, GB-9513949-D0: Fluid metering device and compressed air lubricator including same patent, GB-9514015-D0: Method and device for separating a web of plastic material patent, GB-9514386-D0: Stabilised dye composition patent, GB-9515505-D0: Device for opening blood bags patent, GB-9515623-D0: A box having a drainage system patent, GB-9516027-D0: Apparatus for operating a closure patent, GB-9516033-D0: Method and apparatus for integrating a plurality of images patent, GB-9519530-D0: Marble and watch including a marble patent, GB-9520046-D0: 2-Hydroxyphenyltriazines patent, GB-9520160-D0: An energy storage and conversion apparatus patent, GB-9521013-D0: Gas boilers patent, GB-9521509-D0: Inhibition of scale patent, GB-9521729-D0: Festive decorating system patent, GB-9521768-D0: Needle reciprocation patent, GB-9521989-D0: A bearer assembly for a headstone patent, GB-9522099-D0: Cap patent, GB-9522630-D0: Gun cartridge patent, GB-9523612-D0: Semi solids dispensing device patent, GB-9524659-D0: Device for assisting plant growth patent, GB-9525413-D0: Combatting air pollution patent, GB-9525737-D0: Improvements in and relating to splitting apparatus patent, GB-9525871-D0: Tracked canopy door with opening and closing mechanism patent, GB-9600147-D0: Gradient coils in magnetic resonance imaging machines patent, GB-9600723-D0: Universal joint patent, GB-9601919-D0: Padlock patent, GB-9602243-D0: Vector memory operations patent, GB-9602706-D0: Absorbent article having containment gaskets patent, GB-9603100-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-9603304-D0: Procedures for isolation and titration of sarcocystine or parasite toxin of sarcocystis genus patent, GB-9603552-D0: Reduced volume flush for siphon discharge cistern patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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